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This, my Dear, is not simply a regular old 1:1 session, but a truly magical journey.

Hand in hand, we will travel into your inner worlds and connect with a part of your life that is asking for love, inspiration or guidance. We will meet this place with the most curious kind of care and explore the underlying messages from your soul. I will be by your side with all of my love and presence as a wise and gentle guide, hold the space for your own wisdom to unfold and sprinkle in some of my magic too.

You will leave this 90 minute session feeling full of trust, in deep connection with yourself & the universe and equipped with new found clarity and lots of inspiration.

This container is perfect if you have a certain aspect of your life where you just can't seem to figure out where to go next or there is a mess you are struggling to find the meaning in.
It is also a beautiful way to get to know my work.

You will be surprised how much we can shift your energy in such a short amount of time!


This is it - the Hard Facts at a Glance

90 Minute 1:1 Session  - via Zoom or in person in Berlin

 including taxes 

May I be your Spirit Guide?

I see you Dear One. 

In the knowing in your heart. In the questions in your mind. In the softest longing. In the itching impatience.

In the harshest hurt. In your truest essence. In the eye of the storm. In the wise unfolding. 

I am here to love all of you, so fiercely, so unconditionally, that all illusion of separation melts into the softest seed. 

To see you, so deeply, that all that is blocking you falls away and you remember your own essence and wisdom again. 

Who you came here to be this time around. 

Why it hurts where you are right now. 

What parts of you went missing somewhere along the way and how to call them back home. 

How to find the key in your heart and reawaken to the voice of your soul. 

And I won’t stop loving you until my love becomes your second language.  

Until my love turns into your love and you never ever forget again who you truly are. 

This work is profound. And really, really fun too! 


What I offer you... an abundance of crystal clear wisdom, gentle grace and the most loving guidance, magical tools and the ability to sense intuitively what it is that you need in every moment. You are invited to attune your system to my embodied frequency of deep trust, the most soothing care and a powerful connection to the soul and divinity in everything. I will hold your heart as if it was my own and we will meet soul to soul - whilst always including our human selfs and practical daily life with lots of humor, joy and emotional safety.

My work is trauma sensitive and attuned to the human nervous system. 

Some of the magical tools I love playing with:

Emotional Alchemy, Mindfulness, Nervous System Regulation, Parts Work, Channeling & Energy Transmissions, 

Sacred Rage, Pleasure Practices, Polarity Work (Masculine & Feminine Energetics), Inner Child Healing, 

Oracle & Tarot Cards, Sound Healing, Human Design & so many more

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A Soul Session sounds great, but you desire to dive even deeper together? 
Don't you worry, Darling, I will certainly not leave you longing for more!
Follow me right this way to explore my other offers:

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