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Oh Dear One. 
This offering is so infinitely close to my heart.

Because for 2 - 6 months, we get to walk hand in hand, you and I.

We get to open our hearts to each other and experience the divine workings of Spirit through us. 
We get to jump into trust head first and create more magical miracles than we are even capable of dreaming of.

We get to shower your inner world with so much love, so much warm compassion that there simply is no other way but for you to relax into your hearts desires, the whispers of your soul and your deepest truth.

We'll explore the most hidden places within you, my Dear. 
The parts of you you were to afraid to share with the world until now.
The versions of you that are still hurting and longing to be heard.
The visions and desires that always felt way too big, way too outrageously wild to catch.
All the complex nuances that define the unique masterpiece that you are. 

All of you is safe and warmly welcomed here, my Love. 
This is a space for you to rest your head, recharge on soul level and dare to dream big.

This is a homecoming to your heart.

A remebrance of your wisest self, your soul, the divine guidance available to you. 
A reconnection to your ability to consciously create a life beyond your wildest dreams. 
reclamation of parts of you that you have forgotten somewhere along the way. 

This journey isn't particularly goal oriented. 
Don't get me wrong, this is very likely going to profoundly change your life.

But, more importantly, it is going to completely change the way you relate to yourself, your precious life and the universe. It is about shifting the how instead of the what - because the next stage in your evolution on the outside is a natural consequence and direct reflection of your inner state. 

It all starts within.

I'll pick you up exactly where you are right now and gently guide you every step of the way. 

The divine masculine and feminine get to travel in harmonious union, as I provide a safe structure for you to fully relax into and more than enough space for us to still flow intuitively and work from a state of sweet surrender. 

There will be lots of laughter, there will be tears for sure, there will be twists and turns and unexpected surprises along the way - We are after all intimately co creating with the Divine here...
and you never know what you'll get with that cheeky one!

Are you ready to fully come home to yourself, my Love? 


Who is the Miracle Mentorship for?

For you, Dear One, who hears the calling. 
If this is for you, you know deep down. You can feel it in every cell of your being.

Mystics, Shamans, Artists, Lovers, Mothers, Healers, Writers, Poets, Channels, I am here for you. 

Whether your life feels like a complete mess or there already is a decent amount of magic around you...
Whether you are longing for more joyful freedom and juicy aliveness or you are simply hoping to heal your broken heart...
Weather you desire to live a life that truly feels like you or you are ready for your next stage of evolution...

If your wise Soul is guiding you here, my Love, she has a very good reason for it. 

We are not limited to any particular area of your life (like relationships, business, self love etc), because the Miracle Mentorship will teach you an inner way of meeting yourself and this human life that will stay with you forever.

We are bringing Soul and Divinity into the full spectrum of your experience on earth.

What others have to say about the Miracle Mentorship


"The Miracle Mentorship with Ella was one of the greatest and most precious gifts I have ever been given. Ella changed my life from the ground up by reawakening what was always there inside of me. She walked me home and made me remember who I truly am. And that is just priceless. I finally feel light again and secure with myself. I have my confidence back and access to my intuition is getting stronger every day.

Before Ella and I found each other, I had so many things that limited me. That always gave me the feeling of being overwhelmed and even hopeless. I was constantly stuck in my head. I often felt misunderstood and couldn't really grasp and put into words all that was going on inside me, all that chaos. It was so hard for me to let go of  control. I had very little trust, not only in life, but also in myself and my wisdom, my intuition. There were so many parts of me I didn't allow and loved less than others which lead to a constant battle within myself. 


And then Ella came. Never before have I felt so understood and seen in my essence. I have never dared to share so much and show so much of the real me. Ella gave me such an indescribable sense of confidence. It always felt like we were sharing gifts, from deep within ourselves. Her compassion and appreciation of all that is there and can be there, sparked so much love and warmth and lightness in me. That I didn't even know how much I missed before. 


And most importantly, Ella not only always understood everything I shared with her, but she managed to read and untie my messy thought knots thread by thread. And uncover what was hidden behind them. And what was behind she received with so much love. And this is so indescribable and has released in me so much joy of life, confidence, hope, love, lightness and above all my true self. 


It was as if I had stood in front of a path and could never recognize it because it was so overgrown. With chaos and doubt, with hopelessness and heaviness. And Ella freed this path. The weeds turned into the most beautiful flowers and the path is easy to see again.

And thus also where it leads. Back to me. Home.


I cannot sum up what Ella gives to the world and what she does with any other word than MAGIC. Everyone who talks to her or knows her knows exactly what I am talking about. She is a miracle and she is above all my miracle! And I will forever be deeply grateful to her for leading me back home to myself."

- Jana

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Get ready to receive the Miracle Mentorship

The Miracle Mentorship is tailor-made to your unique desires, needs & vision.
We co-create a space that feels expansive, aligned and deeply supportive for you.


Optional Elements:
We might include private offline Retreat Days for the Opening and / or Closing Ceremony, a 
Professional Photo Shooting to capture the most radiant version of you we got to unleash, a fancy Dinner Celebration at the end of our journey, Custom Meditation & Affirmations to support you after our time ...and whatever else our gorgeous souls come up with!

A handful of hard facts:
We get to journey together for 2 to 6 months.
The prices range between 2.222 € and 8.888€ (including taxes).
There are individual 2 - 12 months payment plans available.

The Magic that is always included:
Welcome Surprise in your Mailbox
(worth over 200€)

Opening Ceremony & Initial Deep Dive
Weekly / Biweekly 60 - 90 min Sessions & Access to Recordings
Closing Ceremony

Always included as a Bonus:
WhatsApp Space as an extension of our energetic container
Inner Circle Discount on all other offers I open during our time 
Custom Vocal Alchemy Soundscape by Andrea Nicholas 
(10 - 15 Minute channeled soundscape you can use for your spiritual practice) 

May I be your Spirit Guide?

I see you Dear One. 

In the knowing in your heart. In the questions in your mind. In the softest longing. In the itching impatience.

In the harshest hurt. In your truest essence. In the eye of the storm. In the wise unfolding. 

I am here to love all of you, so fiercely, so unconditionally, that all illusion of separation melts into the softest seed. 

To see you, so deeply, that all that is blocking you falls away and you remember your own essence and wisdom again. 

Who you came here to be this time around. 

Why it hurts where you are right now. 

What parts of you went missing somewhere along the way and how to call them back home. 

How to find the key in your heart and reawaken to the voice of your soul. 

And I won’t stop loving you until my love becomes your second language.  

Until my love turns into your love and you never ever forget again who you truly are. 

This work is profound. And really, really fun too! 


What I offer you is an abundance of crystal clear wisdom, gentle grace and the most loving guidance, magical tools and the ability to sense intuitively what it is that you need in every moment. You are invited to attune your system to my embodied frequency of deep trust, the most soothing care and a powerful connection to the soul and divinity in everything. I will hold your heart as if it was my own and we will meet soul to soul - whilst always including our human selfs and practical daily life with lots of humor, joy and emotional safety.

My work is trauma sensitive.

Some of the magical tools I love playing with:
Emotional Alchemy, Mindfulness, Nervous System Regulation, Parts Work, Channeling & Energy Transmissions, 

Sacred Rage, Pleasure Practices, Polarity Work (Masculine & Feminine Energetics), Inner Child Healing, 

Oracle & Tarot Cards, Sound Healing, Human Design & so many more

If you are reading this, you have reached the end of this site... which means one of two things!

Either you've quickly skipped ahead (Hihi, I do it all the time too) in which case I invite you to make yourself a cup of tea and read again, I promise, you won't regret it. Or, and this scenario makes my heart smile, you have taken in every single word and received my gift... In this case, thank you, Dear One. You clearly belong here. Go ahead and book your call ✨

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