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Ella Grace Hayward
Spiritual Guidance and Sacred Creations 

Welcome Beautiful Being,
I am so glad you are here.

This is a Sanctuary for the Soul and a Safe Haven for the Human Heart.

A place for you to soften back into your most natural essence, to evolve & expand with ease and to remember who you truly are at your core.

For the Wise Ones, the Old Ones, the Ones who carry the Keys. 

For the Mystics & Mothers, the Channels & Healers, the Artists & Alchemists, the Muses & Magicians, the Lovers & Leaders, the Midwives & Medicine Women, the Code Keepers & Bridge Builders, the Warriors & Visionaries.

For those of us who came to Planet Earth highly sensitive and wildly intuitive, with a heart full of love that's as vast as the ocean, carried by deep, daring devotion and with the divine desire

to kiss this wounded world awake.

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Will you allow the wings of your soul to carry you home?

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1:1 Mentoring

The most intimate & profound way to work with me. If your wise soul is calling you to rise into the next stage of your evolution, this is for you.


Enter the Temple

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Kopie von 11 Temple Guest Rooms.png
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the return of the goddess

A mastermind of 8 women journeying side by side, on a sacred mission to reclaim and reanchor the soft & fierce power of the Goddess on planet Earth.

"If you have the chance to taste some of Ella’s magic - don’t hesitate and gift yourself some of this multifaceted oracle. It will change your life."



Enter the Temple

"Ella deeply sees you and brings unconditional love, incredible acknowledgement and validation to every part of your being... And then her fierce power urges you to step up, to energetically alchemize anything that is not yet serving your highest good and to shift your life to the highest potential - because that’s what she truly sees: Your essence, your potential and it seems like there is nothing that excites her more than lifting you up & reminding you of your power to rise and be anything you want to be."



You carry the whole universe in your eyes, Dear One. It is time to remember who you are.

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The ultimate
soul evolution survival kit

Sign up to receive

Powerful On the Go Guidance with 10 Meditations designed to deeply support you with the biggest challenges and expansion edges I see in my clients.

  1. For when you are IN THE SHITS RIGHT NOW

  2. For when you feel lost, uninspired & stuck

  3. For when you long to be seen & celebrated

  4. For when you are tired of planet Earth

  5. For when you are doubting yourself & have forgotten who you are

  6. For when you haven't checked in with yourself in a while

  7. For when you feel overwhelmed & long to be held

  8. For when your expansion feels edgy & scary

  9. For when your heart is full & you want to anchor here

The magical owls are on their way to deliver your Soul Evolution Survival Kit straight to your inbox!


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