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What an honor to welcome you into this special corner of the internet.


If you want it to be, this is a portal. 

An opening door to a world filled with pure magic, gentle grace, inspired devotion, soft surrender, the brightest blooming flowers and a life that is a radiant, artistic & joyful expression of your heart's deepest desires, your own divine essence and your soul's work here on earth.


Come on in, let me show you around!

Here, life is a sacred dance.


Between unconditionally loving what is and courageously creating miracles everywhere we go. ​


Between choosing trust over fear again and again and feeling our way home in the process.​

Between healing, holding and loving our broken hearts whole and willfully marching on into our wildest, most radiant expression.

I am an artist and an alchemist.

I dream big and I own my magic with every cell of my being. 

I am a professional meaning in the mess finder and oh dear do I enjoy it! 

I am a loving friend, a wise and gentle guide and an embodied expression of my work. 


It was the greatest chaos, the deepest despair and soul shattering shame that initiated me into my liberation. 

I have walked through hell and found my heaven inside. 

I am not afraid of the dark, as I know my light. 

I am not afraid of falling, as I know my wings.

I am not afraid of feeling the full spectrum of this human experience, as I know that I am always held, always guided, always loved.


On my own journey home, I collected a million and one tools, thoughts and words to aid my alchemy, my healing, my liberation.


It is my greatest joy to now share these tools and to gently guide fellow seekers home to their hearts, their souls, their unwavering trust in themselves and the universe - in a way that feels soft, safe, clear, inspired and warmly joyous.

I believe in gentle grace and patient presence.

I stand for radical compassion and a kind of love, so soft, so deep and with the power to unite all that is separated.

I am devoted to truth, freedom, ownership and the purest form of magic. 


What I want is simple:

A world far beyond our wildest dreams and a life that is nothing less than living, breathing art - For you, for me, for all of us. 

About Ella
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Gift yourself with 5 hours of you and I diving deep into your wildest dreams & laying a lo

What an honor to have you here, Dear One.

Take your time, stroll around and see if your heart responds to any of the beautiful ways to work with me. 

All of my offers are available in English or German and online via Zoom or in person in Berlin

Unsure which conatiner is the right one for you or if I am your person? Simply book a call and we'll find out together. No strings or expectations attached, I promise. I'm just excited to be with you!

Work with me

"As her love grew, her ability to feel the unseen and listen to the wisdom of the eternal strengthened. The walk on the path to freedom had changed her; though she still experienced times of difficult release, the feeling of unity remained ever present in her body. now that she lived her life in the grassy field between mortality and the infinite, she could feel that the space in her heart was the same as the heart of the earth and the heart of the universe."

- Yung Pueblo / awareness

Gift yourself with 5 hours of you and I diving deep into your wildest dreams & laying a lo

You are invited, Dear One.

I regularly host beautiful events, workshops & circles online and soon in person in Berlin. 
These spaces are deeply nourishing and really quite special! ✨

Image by Krystal Ng

I love pouring my heart into creating the concepts, curating the music & program and inviting you into the frequency of unconditional Love and soulful connection to yourself.

Just imagine the most beautiful spaces, all the crystals & candles, fresh flowers, super duper delicious & high vibe food, carefully curated music, wide open hearts and the most incredible souls coming together to be, to breathe, to practice, to dance, to sing, to hold ceremonies, to heal, to let go, to invite, to love, to learn, to grow, to manifest our wildest dreams and create magic & miracles hand in hand. It's really great!

These circles tend to fill up fast and I love working with smaller & intimate groups, so keep an eye out for new events on my Instagram to secure your spot in the next one. ✨

Past Events and Love Letters

"It was the most wonderful online experience I have ever had. It was extremely emotional and it activated so much in me! I already had high expectations because I know you and your magic, but this surpassed them! It was exactly what I was longing for."

- Jana

"It felt so nourishing, soft and heart-warming. I felt so welcome and seen. You, dear Ella, are such a beautiful space holder! And I really loved your emails beforehand, they already were overflowing with love and care and I so enjoyed reading them and preparing for the circle!"

- Lisa

"Nourishing, cup filling, magical, connecting, deeply touching, healing, heart opening. My soul could come to the surface as clear as it has not been for a long time, allowing me such deep insights."

- Miriam

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The Visuals & the Inspiration

The Voice, the Words & the Melodies

Creative Work
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